White Bean & Beef Stew

I’ve gotten into the habit of browsing the grocery ads before shopping each week to see what’s on sale and I try to plan around it. This past week, beef stew meat was on sale, so obviously I grabbed some.

Crockpot Taco Soup

While there is certainly no shortage of crockpot taco soup recipes out there, I figured I’d go ahead and throw mine in the mix too.

Southwestern Vegetable Soup

I’m not really sure what makes food Southwestern. I pretty much just call anything that I use corn and black beans in Southwestern. We can pretend this is Southwestern (even if it technically isn’t) ok?

Orzo, Roasted Sweet Potato, Parmesan Soup

Soups are fun. Literally anything can go in soup. I love finding new things that TONS of flavor — the smoked salt and smoked ham shanks from my last soup post, white wine to deglaze a pan, bay leaves (a must!), combinations of broths and parmesan rinds. <!–more–> What’s a parmesan rind? The rind from parmesan…

Smoky Parsnip Ham and Beans

Today’s high was 88°F and it was dreadful. In an attempt to remind Mother Nature that it’s time to start cooling down, I made soup. She didn’t get the memo though and now I’m sweating and eating hot soup. That’s ok though, because this soup is delicious! Maybe save it for when it’s about 20°F…