White Bean & Beef Stew

I’ve gotten into the habit of browsing the grocery ads before shopping each week to see what’s on sale and I try to plan around it. This past week, beef stew meat was on sale, so obviously I grabbed some.

Crockpot Taco Soup

While there is certainly no shortage of crockpot taco soup recipes out there, I figured I’d go ahead and throw mine in the mix too.

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

I’d like to think I know a thing or two about BBQ. My dad taught himself how to BBQ and competed in lots of BBQ competitions when I was younger. I never really helped him make anything, but I was an unofficial taste tester. Rain or shine, he was out there smoking something nearly every…

Skillet Taco Meat

As I delve deeper into the idea of meal planning/organization, I want to begin sharing some quick recipes/non-recipes that we use regularly. This taco meat is a standard around here. It’s simple, freezes well and is versatile. Sometimes I’ll put it in tortillas and make burritos, sometimes I’ll roast some sweet potatoes to go with…

Cheese Lasagna

I once heard it said that the test of a good lasagna is that when you cut it and remove a piece, the piece stays in tact and the sauce doesn’t pool all around. I don’t know that that is necessarily always true, but I try to hit that mark. I’ve found a few tips…

Black Bean & Corn Burritos

Being a lover of cooking, I do an awful lot of experimentation in the kitchen. Due to this, there aren’t many dishes that make multiple appearances around here. This is one of the few exceptions. We eat this almost once a week, it seems.