My name is Kallie Schaefer and I like to cook. 13919987_10208777451406706_8480259007602804279_o

My love for cooking stems from more than just a love to eat — it’s a love of food and everything it encompasses. My goal for this blog isn’t to teach you how to follow my recipes and eat the food that I eat. My goal is to hopefully inspire you to get back in the kitchen and keep trying. Grocery store prepared foods are making cooking no longer a necessary life skill. You don’t have to know how to bake bread or make pasta sauce — just run to the store and buy a loaf and a jar. That makes me sad. Cooking isn’t always easier or more convenient, but it always more rewarding. There’s joy in knowing you made a dish that tastes great, comfort in knowing that there are no weird chemicals in the food you’re eating, realization of knowing that the quality of home cooked food always trumps store bought and a lot of times there’s even relief in knowing that you’re saving money.

I am no expert. I have only truly been cooking since late 2011. I’ve learned a lot though and want to show that you don’t have to be an expert to cook something.

I married the love of my life on March 5, 2011 and moved to Kansas City not long after. We’re settling into our lives here and falling in love with the city. I work as a barista by day and play in my kitchen by night. We live in a tiny apartment where the counter tops are less than ideal, the natural lighting is next to none and the space is small. That’s ok though. You don’t need a fancy kitchen with a thousand gadgets and ample amounts of space to be able to put forth great food.

We try to eat as clean and organic as possible, but understand that’s not entirely realistic. We strive for 80% of the time — sometimes we hit more, sometimes less.

We are not vegan, vegetarian, dairy free or gluten free, but when you cook clean and organic a lot of the dishes turn out that way. A lot of people live by those lifestyles for personal and health related reasons, so it’s always nice to have some recipes up your sleeve.

When it comes to making my own recipes, I draw inspiration from many places — things I’ve ate, recipes I’ve read, ideas I’ve seen on TV or in magazines. My intent is to never plagiarize. The world is full of millions of takes on thousands of ingredients. I can’t guarantee my take will never be similar to someone else’s, but I will always strive to give credit where credit is due.

Hope you stick around and jump in on conversations!

Instagram: @kallieschaefer


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  1. Bev says:

    The North magazine – July 2016 issue has the wrong ingredients for the Parmesan Smashed Potatoes. Can you send me the correct ingredient list? If so please send to bev.drbettyhorstmann@gmail.com


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